Festival Chorus

Festival Chorus

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This week, the first of November, 2011


I am glad you have found the blog for the Sanctuary Choir of First United Methodist Church, Chula Vista. This site was created with the singers and other music volunteers in mind so that we might share resources and information more freely.

The internet is a huge if not overwhelming source of information and entertainment and we are attempting to focus and filter that information to be helpful to the needs of our singers. If you are one of those singers, congratulations on navigating your way to this site. If you are some choral aficionado (nerd) that just happened upon this blog we hope that you will find this a helpful list of resources and inspiration in your own musical journey.


This Thursday (November 3rd) we will be taking a look at "Fecit Potentiam" from the Bach Magnificat. I have included this video from our new "favorite" interpreter Ton Koopman. I will also include another video with the music (different edition) scrolling along to aid the learning process.

In a later posting I will include links to various Bach/Magnificat resources.

Important reminder: Rehearsal with Dr. Stan Wicks this Saturday, 9-Noon. This is a crucial rehearsal!

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