Festival Chorus

Festival Chorus

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Magnificat Resources

This list of Bach "Magnificat" resources is focused on the websites which will aid in note learning.

Cyber Bass - This website has midi recordings (should play on any computer) of each voice part for each movement at a very manageable tempo. The page is a bit busy with ads and what not but it shouldn't be too hard to find the information you need.

Ultimate.com - Another midi parts site, easier to navigate however these parts have silence when your part is not active so it can be a bit confusing, particularly on the opening movement which has 31 measures of rest before the first choral entrance.

Impressario - This german website also has parts but what makes this one noteworthy is that they are available for download as mp3 files which could easily be transferred to your ipod or even "burned" to a CD. For those of you who are feeling confident, you may also practice with the accompaniment only version.

Sheet Music - A PDF of the complete piano/vocal score, great resource if you didn't bring your music home with you.

J. R. Jennings - This site has both midi files and scores available however, most of the scores are the complete version rather than the vocal/piano (reduction) that we are used to seeing. The thing I like about this website is that midi files are a bit more elaborate and make an attempt to sound more like the real instruments.

The next post will be of YouTube videos of each of the movements with music scrolling (classical karaoke).

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