Festival Chorus

Festival Chorus

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Magnificat Videos

Here is my best attempt at finding videos for each of the chorus movements which pair recordings with the sheet music so you can follow along. If anyone finds better editions of these videos please let me know.

Magnificat (opening movement) - This doesn't have the music but it is a performance in the Thomas Kirche in Leipzig which was Bach's longest running and most important church position.

Omnes generaciones - This video is remarkable because it shows the elaborate layering of the entrances and then pairs that with the biblical number equivalents in the generations/lineage of Jesus. When we step back and see the forest from the trees we see what a true genius Bach was.

Fecit Potentiam - Not my favorite video because the tempo of the recording is a bit brisk for learning purposes and the music is shown in the various "C" or "K" clefs which make it difficult to read. The general idea with those clefs is that the middle of the K always falls on middle C.

Sicut Locutus Est - Couldn't find a recording with the music so I've included this performance video of soloists singing this movement. The tempo is manageable on this recording and having one on a part clears up the texture.

Gloria Patri - Another performance video, just be glad I don't look like this when I conduct.

Lutherania (1/2) - this video does include the music for each movement but it is the entire work (with solos) and is split into two videos.

Lutherania (2/2) - Second "half" of this video, picks up at "Fecit Potentiam"

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