Festival Chorus

Festival Chorus

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doubois - Seven Last Words

As we enter into the final preparations towards Holy Week, I wanted to share some resources for the Dubois in order to help our preparations and understanding.

Parts help

Cyberbass - does not yet have a Dubois "Seven Last Words"

This website has midi files of each part which is quite helpful but you will need to download or open each file, it will not simply play in your web browser.

This website promises to be an even better resource but for whatever reason does not work on my desktop, hopefully you have better luck.


www.music.amazon.com  - A good option for both CDs and MP3s

https://www.apple.com/itunes/ - Good for instant gratification and best option for those with iDevices

There are two readily available recordings of the piece, neither of them is outstanding but both are good references.

This one is by a sister methodist church in Lubbock, Texas in English with organ

Full version in English


Excerpts from the Dubois conducted by Diane Bish. If you open this video in YouTube you can see most of the other movements in this playlist.

This is a playlist with videos of all of the movements from various performances.

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