Festival Chorus

Festival Chorus

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anthems - June 2013

Choral Anthems for June

June 2 - Beatitudes by Martin Chambers
There is no video for this piece yet, maybe we should record one. You may hear the computer version of the piece on his own website. I told Mr. Chambers that if we are feeling good about the piece we may try to do a recording.

June 9 - Esto les Digo by Kinley Lange
Recording of the Phillipine Madrigal Singers. This is a world renown pro choir that does not use a conductor. It is a bit slow for my taste but one of the best recordings available on YouTube.

June 16 - A Song of Commitment by Don Besig and Nancy Price
I couldn't find a full recording of this one but there is a low quality 30 second sample available.

June 23 - Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven by David Schwoebel
No YouTube video but there is an excellent sample recording provided by the publisher.

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