Festival Chorus

Festival Chorus

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Low" Sunday

On Easter Sunday immediately following the services Andrea and I had a quick lunch and then packed up the car and the dogs a for a get away to Lake Arrowhead where some friends of the family have a cabin. As we drove off I was still buzzing from the wonderful services that day made more powerful by the events of Holy Week. I couldn't help myself and was playing some of the music I was hoping to use at the Crossing on the car stereo despite Andrea's gentle reminder that I was on vacation. When I finally turned the tunes over to some secular music I was still overcome by God's grace, beauty and our chance for rebirth as Easter people. I literally had tears of joy and gratefulness in my eyes as we drove up the mountain.

This coming Sunday is often referred to as "Low Sunday" and although the name has liturgical roots that relate it to the celebration of Easter it also has cultural relevance because it is often the lowest attended Sunday of the Christian year. I can't help but think that so many in our world are living life like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, with heavy hearts full of worry, death and sorrow because they have not experienced the power of the resurrection and the tomb empty of a body and yet full of promises.

Most sane people's first response when asked to try to share their faith is one of doubt, something like "I am no saint, who am I to share". There is not one of us who is perfect but neither were the disciples and yet they were called to bare witness to the hope of a risen Savior and Redeemer. On this "Low Sunday" Pastor Brian is calling us to be witnesses and I am so confident that the gospels are full of Good News, I hope you will help me share this message!

Sunday's Anthem "Witness"  arranged by Jack Halloran

Recommended reading: "With Burning Hearts" by Henry Nouwen

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